**2014 IFMAR Electric On-Road World Championship Update**

May 10, 2013
Having solicited requests for facilities interested in hosting the IFMAR Electric On-Road World Championship, ROAR hadn't received interest from any facilities sufficiently equipped to host an event of this stature. As a result, ROAR had to reluctantly decline hosting this event in the ROAR bloc. Since making the announcement, however, ROAR has received a number of requests from concerned racers and a few facilities now willing to host this event. After discussion with the IFMAR President, ROAR has thankfully been given a short period of time to consider new facilities who are now interested in hosting this event, which will hopefully keep it in the ROAR bloc. As a result, ROAR will solicit bids from new facilities until midnight EST Friday, May 17th, after which a quick decision will made and preparation will begin for the running of the 2014 IFMAR Electric On-Road World Championship. ROAR would like to thank IFMAR first and foremost, for their patience and understanding in this matter, and the number of racers and facilities that have recently stepped forward to express their concern and enthusiasm regarding the importance of hosting this event in the ROAR bloc. Anyone interested in hosting the event should contact the ROAR President, Steve Mruk, via email at immediately.

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June 8 - June 12, 2016
Hutto, TX
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July 21 - July 24, 2016
Fremont, IN
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August 11 - August 14, 2016
Omaha, NE
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October 20 - October 23, 2016
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