1/10 Electric Offroad Nationals Announcement

July 25, 2017

With the 1/10 electric offroad nationals at "The Track" in Gaithersburg, MD fast approaching, ROAR has received several questions regarding its tire rules. For those not familiar with ROAR rules, here's the three main points of interest.

For SPEC classes, modifications to the control tires apart from normal wear from the racing surface, are not allowed. (rule

For ALL SCT classes, tire tread cutting, bald tires or custom cut tires are not allowed. Dish style wheels are not allowed either. (rule and

Saucing is allowed at this event, however, for health and safety reasons, diesel fuel, or any personally developed or homemade traction chemicals and or cleaners are not allowed. (rule 7.3.8 through

What these rules mean is that spec racers aren't allowed to grind their tires down into ghosted or slick tires. SCT racers aren't allowed to have totally bald tires at all, and all tire sauce must be commercially available and unchanged in any way (mixed, diluted, etc...)

We hope this clears up any questions and helps our membership prepare for another successful national event!

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