1/8 GT ROAR Spec rules clarifications and updates

September 8, 2017

ROAR would like to announce the following clarifications and changes to the rules for the 1/8 GT ROAR Spec Class. Effective with this publication.


   As previously stated, all 1/8 fuel on road classes are required to use INS.

   Engines will be checked for a maximum of 5 intake ports, plus an exhaust port (3 holes maximum for exhaust). Any holes, notches, slits, etc that can be seen above the piston when the piston is at BDC (Bottom Dead Center) will be considered a port. Maximum is 5, plus exhaust. Holes, notches, slits, etc. below BDC are allowable.


   Body maximum width 317mm.

   Wing maximum width 310mm.

   Wing side dams-  TBD but cannot exceed the 10mm over roof height.

   Wing chord maximum 79mm.

   Wing height no more than 10mm above roof line.

   Rear body cut out- maximum 70mm on 20mm blocks.

   Cut outs: (1) 80mm refueling hole

                 (1) 35mm Glow plug hole

                 (1) 20mm tie strap hole for opening the tank lid

                 (1) hole for antenna tube (if used)

                 Cannot remove front windshield.

                 Can remove front half of side windows and rear window only.

                 No other scoops or cutouts allowed.

Chassis: Front of chassis must have a kick-up (no flat chassis). The lower suspension arms must be mounted to this surface. *This rule will be revised with a minimum kick up for 2018.

             Rear diffusers are allowed as long as it is inside the confines of the body.

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