Information on the 1/8 GT World Cup to be held in Argentina this fall.

September 12, 2017

ROAR has received this information from the IFMAR Section Chairman regarding the 1/8 GT World Cup to be held in Argentina this fall immediately following the IFMAR Large Scale (1/5) World Championship at the same venue in Buenos Aires. Dates for 1/8 GT are December 4-10, 2017.

At the moment there are already more than 40 drivers officially registered. From Famar (South America) the organizer expects at least 65-75 drivers from its region. Now it is time for the other blocs to check if there are drivers interested

Custom requirements are also mentioned on the website and the easiest way is to take all equipment with you in the airplane. During the last WC in off-road we had no problems with customs this way. Tires and fuel will be controlled and available at tracksite.

Inscriptions (registration) can be done directly with the organizer, see website for further instructions.


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