January 31, 2018-Drivers for World Championships

January 31, 2018

January 31, 2018- Drivers for World Championships Selection of drivers to attend any world championship consists of the A main finishers in the prior worlds in that scale, plus top finishers at the qualifying Nationals held the year prior to the World event, up to the number of IFMAR positions assigned to the ROAR bloc for that specific world event (typically between 30 to 40 positions). This qualified group has the priority to take the available entries up until the deadline date announced in their letter of invitation. Invitation letters are e-mailed or mailed to the address on the ROAR membership records. Any un-used openings are available to alternates who have responded to an invitation letter with paid applications and have a current ROAR membership status through the end date of the respective world event, in the order they are received. Unused positions from other blocs are reallocated to the host bloc and when the event is within the ROAR territories, those positions will be offered in the order of receipt of paid entry forms and current membership status through the dates of the event, to those racers. Invitation letters for qualified drivers and alternates will not be sent until entry forms are available from IFMAR, usually in January. To be added to the alternate invitation letter mailing list when they are mailed, send a brief resume (e-mail OK), containing years of experience and major events travelled to in the scale of the worlds you are applying for. Include which Worlds, your name, address, phone, e-mail, ROAR number, and expiration date in your resume. Drivers are encouraged to send resume\'s to the ROAR Admin office as soon as the posting of this notice. Alternate letters are sent based on received resumes. Send it to: Or, mail to:

ROAR Administrator 

PO Box 814546

Dallas, TX 75381-4546

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